Regional Centre
National Afforestation &
Eco-Development Board
Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India

Jadavpur University Kolkata




i. Workshop on ‘Capacity enhancement of JFMC members for development of sustainable entrepreneurship in difficult areas of West Bengal’.held on: < 26/09/2013 09/10/2013> at Niharika, Purulia & Hemnagar, Sundarbans
ii Two days workshop on the role of forest department to benefit SME / SMFE in the paradigm of changing international regulations and environmental benchmarking in Jharkhand State.held on:< 28/11/2013 & 29/11/2013 > at Ranchi
iii Workshop on Rural Health and Livelihood security for JFMC / Fringe dwellers of forests in Bihar State.held on:< 19/11/2013 & 20/11/2013 > at Nawada Range Office Compound
iv Workshop on establishing marketing linkage to develop local enterprise for marketing of NTFP (Sea-buckthorn) products in Sikkim State.held on:< 19/02/2014 & 20/02/2014 > at Gangtok


i. Refresher training on Rain Water Harvesting in dry undulating terrain in Bihar State.held on:< 07/01//2014 & 08/01/2014 > at Kaimur
ii Training programme on role and responsibilities of different stakeholders for group based activity like tank based pisciculture, piggery etc. in Jharkhand State.held on:< 18/12/2013 & 19/12/2013 > at Hazaribagh
iii Vocational training programme on Vermi-compost manure production by small groups for future enterprise development in Sikkim State.held on:< 05/02/2014 & 06/02/2014 > at Melli & Jorthang
iv Capacity building of the staff of the RCs in West Bengal State.held on:< 23/09/2013 & 24/09/2013 > at FRI, Dehradun

 Workshop & Training Report


Research Studies:

(i) Achievement in National Afforestation Programme on Women Empowerment in Jharkhand and West Bengal.

(ii) Study on assets created under NAP by FDAs in the country.

(iii) Study on Pan-India scenario of Decadal Journey of NAP based on the study carried out by all RCs during 2010-11 & 2011-12 in the country.

(iv) Meta evaluation of NAP based on the evaluation carried out by all RCs during 2011-12 & 2012-13 in the country.

Other activities:

(i) Exposure visit for EDC members of STR to NTFP Processing Centre at Taipu Beat, Siliguri.


(ii) Documentation of case study on successful functioning of JFMC / EDC in Bihar State.

(iii) Documentation of case study on successful functioning of JFMC / EDC in Jharkhand

Awareness Programme:

i. Celebration of World Habitat Day (3rd October, 2013)  Report World_Habitat_Day-2014

ii. Celebration of World Forestry Day (21st march, 2013)  Report World_Forestry_Day-2014